We offer construction services from start to finish. Whether your project is a small remodel, or a custom home you will receive the same high level of service that we are known for.

We specialize in timberframe structures, post & beam structures, custom homes, pole buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, concrete foundations & flat work, and remodeling.


Why is timber framing a superior choice for home construction?

Timber frame homes separate the wood structure from the insulation, so the timbers seen inside your home provide all the support needed for the roof, walls, and floors, allowing the wall and roof spaces to be entirely dedicated to unbroken insulation.
Timber homes can be designed to emphasize open areas or to provide intimate spaces and can even include a combination of both styles.
From the Orient to Europe and North America well built timber frame construction has shown that it will endure for centuries where "stick frame" construction's lifespan is measured in decades.